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We also etch designs into Metals & Plastics & More.

Glass Coat 8H
A specially formulated, world patented coating designed to protect the etched areas from the elements, and make cleaning an ease.

All Frosted Finnish
This simply means all of the sub-straight is sand blasted to create a completely frosted piece.

Line Only Frosted
Basic straight lines to create simple but stylish effects, for example square blocks, boarders, venetians etc.

Pattern / Letter / Picture
Any detailed patters, lettering, picture art including photographs etc, as a one layer etched design.

Pattern Gradation
Sometimes referred to as carving or deep etching, but with the added effect of shading to gain more depth witch can provide sculpture like designs with a three dimensional look and provide a more detailed finish.

When it comes to design the sky is the limit, in fact the only limit is the imagination. The accuracy of our system means even the most detailed design can be etched to many different surfaces, man made or natural.

Neo Flash
This product is also an internationally patented product witch can produce stunning results that cannot be achieved any other way. The paint appears opaque / frosted in natural light, but when a black light, or ultra violate light is placed near the painted area the colours light up with a glow.

Many Layer Etching
Usually hand cut masking from a line art design to create many deep layers to a piece of art work.
Colour applications
Applying different paint’s, stain’s or powder paint’s etc, to add colour to all or part of the design areas.

Types of Glass
Sand blasting is a very versatile form of etching and can be performed on any type of glass sub-straight, however toughened or tempered glass has limitations on how deep the design can be etched.

Marble & Granite
Can be deep etched or just frosted or both and produces some stunning results, especially the Wright colours are applied.

Types of Timbers
We have used an assortment of timber types including hard woods, soft woods & marine grade ply’s witch can be taken back one layer at a time and produce very fine detail.

On-Site Etching
We have an on-site service available, witch has proven to be a handy tool, especially for applying personalised motifs for doors and windows etc, but can also be used for a number of applications. For anyone wanting to utilize this service please contact us to discuss options and we will help in any way we can.

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